Meadows of Heaven ch.1

As the sun was setting down, they have already reached the end of the walkable path along the river.
They did not talk all along the way, acknowledging each other presence just by the random and brief touch of their hands.
Still, there was some sort of tension between them or perhaps just some embarrass that even the unusually nice weather and the smell of elderflower could not dissipate.
It was strange being in that same place all those years after, together again.
A crow lifted his dark figure in the air and the wind shook some bushes; the younger, Matt -he didn’t consider himself so, he had just stopped to count his years long ago- faltered, trying to avoid the mud. The other one took him by the elbow, trying to sustain him.
Suddenly he was like they were starting to be each other’s love again, even if that was rather one of the place were their love has faded away.
Some kind of love are born in the city, they are not made to live in a silent country town.
A light tear found her way amongst the unshaved chicks of Dennis.. why after all it was all so sweet again? And the tenderness was again the bitch to blame, that liar who suffocated their passion long ago.
Matt reached him closer, embracing him, still keeping his distance and saying nothing.
They both sat on the grass, without urgency, Dennis bravely drawing Matt’s profile with his fingers in a silver wait.
Matt aggressively pulled him towards him, grabbing his curls in his fist.
They shared a foolish kiss, bringing back both the passion and the pain left somewhere in the meadows in a past grey spring.
Perhaps only the river knew if under the ashes there was still a tiny flame.


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